SDTC’s private label trust administration services are available to investment management firms, brokerage firms, multi-family offices, family offices, insurance companies, and banks and/or custodians.

Investment management professionals may use their own broker dealers and custodians, if desired. The key components of the SDTC’s private label trust administration services are as follows:

SDTC’s Private Label Trust Administration Services Include the Following:

  • Train financial institution’s personnel to recognize and market trust prospects and assist in selling SDTC’s trust services
  • Provide trust services marketing and information materials, plus trust services and product support
  • Consolidated statements with financial institution’s logo, if desired
  • Option to use one’s own broker, dealer, and/or custodian
  • Leverage SDTC’s experience with assisting outside investment and insurance professionals to garner additional investment assets and/or insurance through tax efficient South Dakota trust agencies
  • Internet access available to financial institution, their clients and advisors
  • Flexible, individualized, service-oriented trust administration

Adding trust services to a financial institution’s product and services offering not only increases assets under management, custody, lending, and/or insurance sales, but significantly increases the financial institution’s ability to retain the client relationship for many years. A trust offering may also expand the financial institution’s relationship with a family.

Private Label Trust Administration Services allow a financial institution:

  • To focus on their core business
  • To gain a competitive market advantage
  • To provide trust services to their clients without the burden of forming and operating a trust business
  • To use statements with the financial institution’s name
  • To work with the financial institution’s custodian
  • To access the client’s private label trust through SDTC’s secure internet systems

By providing trust services and products to its clients, a financial institution prevents its clients from going to its competitors for trust services. Financial institutions with existing trust departments may want to bifurcate their service offerings by utilizing SDTC private label trust administration services for their dynasty trusts, premium tax trusts and other upscale trusts offerings.