Many families choose to establish an unregulated PFTC in Wyoming, primarily for regulatory simplicity and privacy SDTC Services of Wyoming can help.

The standards, practices, and nuances of the regulated South Dakota PFTC translate well to operating an unregulated PFTC in Wyoming.  And this is where SDTCSW can provide superior service and support. By leveraging SDTCSW’s sister company, SDTC Services, LLC, SDTCSW can offer expertise in both forming and operating regulated PFTCs and apply such expertise to unregulated PFTCs.  In doing so, a family’s unregulated PFTC will operate knowing it has achieved the highest standard of fiduciary oversight.

SDTCS is an industry leader and has been forming and operating regulated South Dakota trust companies for over a decade. As such, SDTCSW is able to provide the guidance, governance, and expertise needed to effectively operate an unregulated PFTC consistent with well-established fiduciary standards. Furthermore, SDTCSW can assist a client’s unregulated PFTC in establishing an appropriate structure and can provide the necessary oversight and expertise to help establish and operate the unregulated PFTC as if it were regulated.

Some families seeking to establish an unregulated PFTC desire a more limited package of services than that traditionally performed for regulated PFTCs.  Due to the nature of the unregulated PFTC market, SDTCSW provides a variety of service packages, each of which can be customized to meet a family’s needs.  The details of these services, along with the fees, will be refined through additional exploration with a client to determine the most appropriate service option their needs.  Ultimately, a written agreement will be entered into between the client’s PFTC and SDTCSW outlining the various services SDTCSW will provide.